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I’ve been promoted!

This morning I met with my boss who offered me a promotion. I can’t believe it. Although I don’t know why I can’t believe it. I’ve so totally earned this and worked so hard. My role will be similar to what I do now except that I will be responsible for the whole area that I work in and coaching and mentoring about 50 employees.

So this is wonderful news as I will have more responsibility and greater influence to impact my organization in a positive way.

For now my title will not change, but hey it’s all about the work we do not what we are called.

Tomorrow we are having another meeting and I am considering asking for a small salary increase. It’s hard working for a non-profit–you almost feel guilty. But I also know I could go to the private sector and make close to double what I am paid now. I know it’s not all about money but it would be nice to be compensated fairly. I think that shows value and faith in employees.

You know I owe a debt of gratitude to EQmentor and my mentor. The past few months I have become a totally different person. If I had not been going through this process to improve my EQ skills I’m not sure that things would have turned out this way.

So thank you EQmentor and my mentor (whoever you are). It’s been awesome to have him or her to discuss all these issues with and to bounce ideas off of. My mentor has helped guide me through this entire process, and since he or she is from outside my organization the mentor brings a fresh perspective to things.

I am so glad I have made this investment in myself. I have to say there is work involved. Your mentor will not think for you, but rather guide you in the right direction. Learning…that’s what it’s all about.


What others are seeing in me

There is a person I work with I’ll call Anne. We started at our organization at close to the same time. I’ve always admired her presence–the way she carries herself, her appearance, her professionalism. Seriously she could be the next CEO. Since we’ve both been at the same organization for a few years, I’ve had a chance to watch her transform into this executive power woman that she’s slowly become. Her efforts have paid off for her too as she has already risen to an upper management level position.

It was really fascinating to watch. She’s one of the few people I try to emulate. We’ve also become friends so we talk regularly. She is one of the few people at work who know about my anonymous mentoring.

With that said imagine my surprise when she told me earlier this week that she’s noticed a difference in me over the last few months. Knowing that the readers of this blog would love to hear more I pressed her for specifics.

I’m sure she will correct me if I get this wrong. 😉 But she told me that I seem more confident, more capable, and appear ready to advance to the next level. The funny thing is I’m still the same person I was a few months ago, I’m just behaving differently.

I had a discussion with some other EQmentor folks during a chat session about my issues with self-regulation. The question that came up is what have I done to improve that area. To be honest I have not specifically done anything yet. But just by being aware that self-regulation is my weak area I am more aware of that in my day-to-day life. My mother used to always tell me to think before I speak. We seem to never listen to our mothers, but I have listened to my mentor who has given me the same advice.

I have another friend who told me that he has also noticed a change in me. It’s such a great affirmation to get this kind of feedback from friends. I hope if they read this post that they will add their own comments!