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A “Smalley” Day

The past few days have been difficult. I am not on top of my game. I’m at work trying to recover from being sick, trying to be in a good mood, but it proves to be difficult when not everyone you work with is not the same as you.

Yep people are different, and that can make for challenging interpersonal interactions.

Do you tend to notice passive-aggressive actions of others? I do. I’m extermely sensitive to them. So when someone hands me a stack of paper to fill up the copy machine as I’m waiting for my print outs…it could be that the person is passively-agressively reminding me that it is everyone’s job to add paper to the copy machine or it could be that she was not sure I knew where we kept the paper. It’s possible, right?

Some days you just have to accept the fact that things are not always going to go your way. That’s when you have to rely on friends to pick you up and remind you that…

“I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”

Thank you SM for the reminder!

p.s. people like you too!