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Monday…Beginning Month 4

It’s Monday. It’s August and I am beginning month 4.

I has a scheduled IM/chat with my mentor today to gain focus on work and life and try to get back on track. When you get as overwhelmed and side tracked as I have been the chat sessions are a godsend.

In fact as one point when asked by my mentor what are the top three priorities right now, I rambled on about something. My mentor stopped me and asked if this is seriously what is keeping me awake at night. I was annoyed at first and my feelings were hurt. In reflection it was a valid point.

So I have just completed my third month and have three more months to go with EQmentor. I’m at the half way point.

I do feel that I’ve come a long way so far. I also can see where I want to be.

One thing that I would be curious to find out is the effect that personal growth has on existing relationships–like marriages. I think I’ll pose that question in the EQ Village.