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Goals Follow Up

So last April I began this mentoring journey. It’s been almost a year. I thought it would be a good time to check in and see where I am with the goals I set in at the beginning of the six month mentoring program.

Here were my goals:

  1. Determine my next step career wise
  2. Establish a long term career path and associated goals
  3. Boost my self-confidence
  4. Project a more professional, positive image
  5. Improve my weak EQ areas of self-regulation and emotionalism
  6. Find a good balance between work and family

Before I give an update on my goals let me say that within the first few weeks my job changed to the point where my goals had to instantly change. This was a good thing because I was promoted to the job I wanted, but at the same time the need to get up to speed in this new role outweighed the need to work on my specific goals. Since my mentor had the job I suddenly found myself in, my mentor was an invaluable resource and became my go to person for just about everything. With that some of the goals still got accomplished. Here’s an update on my progress:

  1. It was interesting in that when we talked about next steps career wise, my mentor always had the attitude of why wait. If that is what you want to be doing why not do it now?  Sometimes we need to hear the simple answers. I don’t know that we really nailed this one down because I am not sure what is next for me. For the moment I am satisfied and am focusing on being the best I can be in all my roles at work, as a spouse, and as a parent.
  2. Again I’m not at a point where I know what I want to do next. There are so many different paths but at the moment I am content where I am.
  3. EQmentor helped boost my self-confidence tremendously. Even the people I work with noticed this change and commented about it.
  4. Again the boost in self confidence and projecting a more professional, positive image go hand in hand. These were the biggest benefits I received from EQmentor and are what I needed to boost my career.
  5. It was interesting that this was my mentor’s weakest area as well and I could see from my mentors posts on the discussion area that my mentor struggled in this area as well. I don’t feel that my mentor directly helped me in this area. It was more that by me being aware of this problem I was able to tame the outward projection of this problem. There were occasions though where my mentor told me that a certain thing might be better not said and in general my mentor was right.
  6. We never had a chance to work on this and I am still struggling with this.

Introductions & Goals

I received a message from my new mentor today. I’m so excited. They actually found someone who works in the same field as me! I can’t believe it. My mentor has experience in the position that I have now and the position that I aspire to have. My mentor also has the same hobbies and personal interests as me.

It is a little odd at first composing a response to someone whose name I don’t know. But I suppose with time it will get easier.

I was asked to complete an Introductions exercise. In it I describe my job, life, past mentoring experiences, and goals for this experience.

I’ll share a summary of my introduction here.

I work for a fairly large non-profit. I’m basically a jack of all trades. I do public relations, computer work, training, etc. My organization is going through a major reorganization. I’m not sure where I will fit in when all is said and done. I’d like to advance in my career but I feel stuck. As a 30-something I feel stuck. I’m no longer entry level, but I’m not quite ready for management either.

I’m married with three children. My biggest hobby is writing (can’t you tell 🙂 )!

I’ve never had a formal mentor before. I have had several informal relationships that I viewed as a mentor/mentee relationship. Since those were not formal arrangements there was no schedule nor goals –just advice here and there.

So my goal with this six month mentoring experience is to:

  • Determine my next step career wise
  • Establish a long term career path and associated goals
  • Boost my self-confidence
  • Project a more professional, positive image
  • Improve my weak EQ areas of self-regulation and emotionalism
  • Find a good balance between work and family

Think I can accomplish all that in six months?