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A “Smalley” Day

The past few days have been difficult. I am not on top of my game. I’m at work trying to recover from being sick, trying to be in a good mood, but it proves to be difficult when not everyone you work with is not the same as you.

Yep people are different, and that can make for challenging interpersonal interactions.

Do you tend to notice passive-aggressive actions of others? I do. I’m extermely sensitive to them. So when someone hands me a stack of paper to fill up the copy machine as I’m waiting for my print outs…it could be that the person is passively-agressively reminding me that it is everyone’s job to add paper to the copy machine or it could be that she was not sure I knew where we kept the paper. It’s possible, right?

Some days you just have to accept the fact that things are not always going to go your way. That’s when you have to rely on friends to pick you up and remind you that…

“I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”

Thank you SM for the reminder!

p.s. people like you too!


Before versus now

This has been a rough week. I didn’t get the salary increase I hoped for with my new responisibilites. I am basically in a trial period where I need to prove myself.

The amazing thing about all this is two months ago I had this discussion with my mentor about how much I hated this reorganization. My mentor encouraged me to look at the reorganization as a potential for growth and that I may have the possiblity to create my own job.

That is exactly what has happened! How cool is that? Months ago I drafted a “dream job description” and now most of that is on my real job description.

So what is the difference between who I am not versus who I was a few months ago? Perception.

Yesterday was a really bad day. I got sick and had to go to the doctor, then my car broke down on the way home. Normally I would have been in tears and resorted to soaking in the tub to flush the misery away.

But instead I rolled with it. Life happens. Things happen. I was even able to attend a business function last night and remain in good spirits. Again it is how we perceive and react to things that holds the key to our success and happiness. It’s our choice to be happy or not. So what will you choose?

I can honestly say that even though I am extremely busy and sick, I’ve never felt more confident, alive, and happy.

Life is good.