Holding back

This week has been crazy busy. I had a meeting with my manager today. I had no idea going into the meeting what it would be about. I posted a message to my mentor to get an idea of how I could handle things better. I have a habit of saying too much — self-regulation issues.

My mentor advised me to be as upbeat and positive as possible. Much as I’d like to vent or question authority there is a time and place.

I took my mentor’s advice and tried to listen more than I talked. I held back any negative questions, comments, or concerns. The meeting went really well. It’s amazing how such a small piece of wisdom can have a big impact.

The funny thing is…this is nothing I didn’t already know. Sometimes it just helps to be reminded.


5 responses to “Holding back

  1. đŸ™‚ good advice

  2. It’s amazing how many things we know but then somehow the knowledge gets buried when we’re in the middle of things. Glad the meeting went well. I started out a long time ago always being quiet in meetings and only adding positives… I had quite a few advancements in that line of business… then when I changed jobs, for some reason, I started spewing everything I felt… all the negatives as well as the positives and I REALLY noticed a difference. It’s hard to switch gears back to the old way.

  3. I agree that sometimes an outside voice reminds us of what we already know and allows us to refocus.
    Take a deep breath and listen …. sounds like good advice.

  4. Thank you HB, Anonymous, and Kevin H for your comments!

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