About the Mentors

I realized after my last post that some of you may be wondering more about who my mentor may be. I know I’m wondering the same thing!

Some info from the EQmentor website:

  • EQmentor has certified mentors from across the country, and from most industries and vocations. These mentors are typically of the Baby Boomer generation or retirees, have had successful professional careers, and are genuinely and intrinsically, interested in mentoring others. Mentors work asynchronously and online, allowing EQmentor to recruit the best mentors from across the nation.
  • Our industry-leading comprehensive screening, education, certification and matching process, ensures mentor-mentee relationships of the highest quality.

It will be interesting to see who I am paired up with. I’m not in a traditional business environment so I’m not sure how they will find someone that matches my work in the non-profit world. Maybe that’s a good thing. It’s always good to get a different perspective.


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