A Single Step

There is a saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is my first step.

I knew when I heard Dr. Izzy Justice speak at a conference last year that he was a man of passion and full of great ideas. The idea of virtual mentoring appealed to me. I work in an industry where mentoring is non-existent. I love my job and don’t want to begin the daunting task of searching for a new job. I love the industry I work in and don’t really want to change professions. But like many Gen-Xers who I know, I am in a rut. I have the skills, passion, enthusiasm, and drive to succeed but for some reason I have hit a wall.

I am no longer an entry level employee, yet I do not have the skills or acumen to make the leap to management. I’m not even sure I want to move to management. But I know there has to be more out there. I want that sense of fulfillment that my parents have in their careers.

When Dr. Justice spoke of the mentoring program at EQmentor I was intrigued. Retired workers who have the wisdom and experience I seek. An entirely online, 100% anonymous mentor-mentee relationship. No risk of retribution or retaliation for asking a simple question. Mentoring that focuses on EQ (which is something I have always believed is the key to success).

While listening to Dr. Justice speak the idea hit me. I know that there are other people just like me who could benefit from a program like this. What if I went through the mentoring program and documented the experience? What if I blogged about this in real time so that I could share the experience?

I pitched the idea to the team at EQmentor and from the beginning they were as excited about it as I was. So my journey has begun. I have taken that ever so important single step.


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